Short story or first draft?

Published August 5, 2017 by Gail Daley Writer & Artist

I found this blog interesting, mostly because It expresses the complete opposite of my experiences; I find short stories incredibly difficult to write, much more so than a long story. I would love to know what magic is used to write a short story that is complete, with good plot and character development and ends up seeming finished instead of unfinished.

Amanda McCoy

inside pages of the book A curious incident of the dog in the night time

Recently I’ve been noticing a trend. More and more writers have been writing short stories and then blowing them up into full novels instead of writing first drafts.

I have to admit, I’ve done that before too. In my novel, It’s a stony road through Hell, it was originally written as a short story and then years later I re-wrote it as a short-ish novel. It made a surprisingly high quality final piece. Usually I have to re-write a piece over and over again just to get it to be kind of readable, but from the short story starting point it came together fairly easily.

its-a-stony-road-through-hell-coverThe writer I heard about most recently doing this is Isaac Marion, author of Warm Bodies. Evidently, the story was originally written as a seven page short story (practically a flash fiction) and it only really covered what an internal monologue might be for…

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